So, why talk about church planting on After Words? Well, because I’m part of a movement that I want more people to know about.

First, I’m part of a movement to see vibrant and biblically rooted Anglican churches raised up all across North America with the mission to reach our land with “the transforming love of Jesus Christ.” It’s fun. It’s hard. It’s a lot of work. Unfortunately, very few people know about the great heritage available to them in the Anglican Church, and I want more people to know about what’s happening (see NCC’s FAQ section for a brief intro on Anglicanism).

Second, not only do I want more people to know about it, I firmly believe that God will call more and more people to be a part of it. He’s going to call more and more church planters to come and be a part of what we’re doing. Perhaps, just maybe, you’re called to be part of it.

My Diocese is planting all across the Mid-Atlantic region. If you’d like more information on planting with the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, check out L10-2, our church planting initiative.

More specifically, I’m working with other leaders to establish a network of Anglican parishes in the tri-state / western Maryland area. If you’d like to hear more, drop me a line at

If you live anywhere else in North America, check out the Anglican Church in North America’s website for contacts and diocese information.

May God continue to bless and empower our work for the glory of His name and the expansion of his Kingdom!