Top Seven Signs You Undervalue the Ascension

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A David Letterman style top ten list on the Ascension (but with seven, because seven is the number of perfection. Not really. These were just the best ones I could think of at the time).

Top Seven Signs You Undervalue the Ascension:

1.       The only picture of the Ascension you can think of is the stained glass one where Jesus’ feet are sticking out of a cloud (hint: find a better one!).

2.       You rarely add “through Christ our Lord” to the end of your prayers (a short but powerful phrase we pray because of the Ascension!)

3.       You often speak of Jesus’ person and ministry in the past tense (Jesus is ministering to you now – from the THRONE!)

4.       You’re convinced you’d be a better Christian if you’d lived during the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry (because of the Ascension, you couldn’t be any closer to God if you tried!)

5.       You find it harder to believe that Jesus was “taken up” than to believe that he rose from the DEAD!

6.       You treat elections like they are the end all be all and you get really depressed if your person isn’t in power (the Ascension proclaims that Jesus is King! Psalm 47:8 “God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.”)

7.       You haven’t thought about the meaning of the Ascension since last Ascension Sunday!

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